This page aims to show the steps to develop a colony.

The beginning of the gameEdit

At the

We have expanded our territory.

beginning of the game it is advised to harvest the area and to start a bonfire against the boundary of your area in order to extend it. Unload all of the colonists' boat. They will take everything out and put it on the ground before putting it in any designated stockpile.

You can then build a farm of tomatoes/ strawberries (default "F"), a well (default "2" menu), and some stockpiles (default "P"). It is advised to create the storage space close to the farm, and to have multiple storage spaces seperating items rather than one large space with multiple items.


Assigning Colonists' Tasks and Workshops

Setting up jobs for colonists helps manage priorities and efficency on the island. Colonists will work their job in order from left to right, so it is best to give them only one job at first. Skills build when colonists work. Set up 1-2 farmers, 1-2 harvesters (miners/lumberjack), 1-2 builders, 1 well worker, and if you have cows or sheep 1 shepard (pasture). The well requires 2 rock to build; build a stockpile facing its two sides for output; keep this as their one job for maximum efficency.

After having harvested the area you will have some wood and some rock. You can create a Basic Workplace. Assign a colonist, who either has no job or a builder, to the Basic Workplace. Set up a stockpile starting near the workplace then extending away; this allows the colonists to drop off products and return to work quickly.

Now you will want to select wooden board and stone block from the workplace.

Inputs and outputs close to the workplace.

It is not required, but having a work stockpile filled with logs and rocks nearby helps the worker bring those materials to the workplace. They will work until the output stockpile is full or the input is empty. Most of the time a worker will travel to find materials in stockpiles, but the most efficent thing to do in order to cut delay is to input stockpiles to the workplace. 

At this point you can build a big bonfire which expands the claimed area even larger than the regular bonfire. The settlers will need accommodations and social buildings soon. A basic House rooms 4; when a colonist moves into a house they will travel back to the house to sleep. The table and beach chairs fufil colonists' social need; pigs will also sit at chairs :D so cute.

The main technologyEdit

The main technology tree is centered around 4 building :

Each building produces materials needed to build the subsequent building.

Building Basic workshop Kiln Ore smelter Metal workshop
Built using Rock Stone Block Brick Iron Block
Built using Wooden Log - Stone Block Brick

Built using

- - - Wooden Part
Unlocked Stone Block Brick Iron Block Machine Parts
ressources Stone Blank Charcoal Gold Block Construction Block
Wooden Board Copper Block Refined Wooden Part
Wooden Part Iron Blank
Wooden Handle Conveyor Belt Piece
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