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Kubifaktorium is currently in Early Access, below is a full list of all patch updates since released on Steam.
Release Date Version Patch Info
22/04/2020 22.4.2020 - Gameplay: You can now have unlimited trains per factory. Instead, trains now cost money (which gets refunded when you destroy the train).- Gameplay: When upgrading a building, the building now stays operational until all necessary upgrade ingredients are brought.

- Balance: Increased the speed of the depot/train station/shipping port cranes. The high capacity depot is even faster now.

- UI: Removing a track now also removes signals on top.

- UI: Recommendations can now have custom titles (like "Build a water supply").

- UI: When placing things like foundations, you now get a preview of the required resources.

- Fixed: Work particles not showing after some time.

- Fixed: The game should now continue running when focus is lost (when auto-pause is disabled).

- Fixed: You can no longer deconstruct tracks in stations.

- Fixed: You can no longer place signals on tracks in stations.

- Fixed: Combat robots should no longer drink.

- Fixed: Recommendations should no longer appear in the tutorials.

- Fixed: Goto-Timeout not getting serialised correctly.

- Misc: Added money to the train tutorials.

12/04/2020 12.4.2020 - UI: Added a hint text to some of the actions, e.g. that you can cycle between objects while deconstructing. - Balance: Reduced the money required for the money-goal.- Balance: Reduced the cost of the auto-grove and the auto-kiln and moved them to tier 2.

- Fixed: Recommendations are now deleted when a required object is deleted (e.g. through a mod). - Fixed: Being able to build shipping ports over trees etc..

- Fixed: Changing a bonfire's color executing a claim while still under construction.

- Fixed: Objectives like earn money should no longer get duplicated when reloading a game.

- Fixed: Deconstructing a belt should no longer keep outgoing items reserved.

- Fixed: You can no longer place buildings on tiles where reserved items lie.

10/04/2020 EA 10.4.2020 (RC) - Gameplay: Redesigned the recommendation system. It is now much more like the system in Prison Architect. You get tasks, like "setup a well and produce water" and receive a small cash reward on completion. These tasks guide you along your way in the tech tree. Modders: Have a look at <RecommendationInfo> to add this functionality to your own mods.- UI: Added your current money amount to the top info panel and removed it from the cargo port.

- Balance: Made the combat robot stronger.

- Fixed: Added goals to the mockup-scenarios.

- Fixed: Layout bug with cover vein panel.

- Fixed: When multiple enemy claims overlap, you now only pull enemies from the closest camp.

- Fixed: Enemies now only follow you for a maximum of 30 seconds.

- Fixed: Possible incompatibility with previous save games.

09/04/2020 EA 9.4.2020c (RC) - Fixed: The save screen now shows file write times, not creation times.- Fixed: Swords can no longer be produced.

- Fixed: Deprecated houses are no longer shown in the list.

- Fixed: Setting up a carriage station before it is built will trigger the schedule generation when complete.

- Fixed: Wheat not growing on tiles where a mountain was mined. - Fixed: Minor bug when leaving maps related to thought bubbles.

- Fixed: Deconstructing a nice house now yields the correct ingredients.

- Performance: The camera is no longer rendering while the map is loaded/generated.

09/04/2020 EA 9.4.2020b (Beta) - UI: When selecting multiple combat robots, there is now an info panel showing all of them.- UI: Hovering over the smily in the colonist management screen now shows a tooltip.

- UI: When searching for a type by typing, the relevance filter is disabled when no type would be shown with it.

- UI: The game version number is now shown on the menu screen.

- Gameplay: Attacking an enemy camp now reveals the tiles covered by it.

- Gameplay: When sending robots outside of your territory's range, they now go to the nearest tile where they can go.

- Gameplay: Readded the "Attack" button to the enemy claim panel. Note that using using it is not always optimal as positioning/rallying your robots before the fight might be advantageous.

- Gameplay: Deprecated the middle-tier-house. You now have the basic house with low quality and capacity 4 and can upgrade it to a high quality capacity 2 house.

- Fixed: Multiple text issues on the custom map screen.

- Fixed: Several smaller fixes.

- Fixed: Layout bug when opening/closing the recommendation window.

- Fixed: Combat robots are no longer counted as idle colonists.

- Fixed: You can no longer build shipping ports outside of your territory.

08/04/2020 EA 8.4.2020 (Beta) - Permormance: Improved performance of health bar UI rendering.- Permormance: Improved performance of thought bubble UI rendering.

- Misc: You can now grow wheat on regular grass tiles, not just on dry grass.

- Misc: Added SpawnerInfo→ExactSpawnNumber.

- Balance: A stone block now only requires one rock.

- Fixed: Production status string in UI.

- Fixed: The date in the save game view not always matching the actual save time.

- Fixed: You can now prevent certain enemy camp spawns by using DeleteObjectsInfo.

05/04/2020 EA 5.4.2020 (RC) - UI: Colonist happiness is now next to the needs in the panel.- UI: Added a happiness column to the colonist management screen. Also removed swords from the colonist panels as they are deprecated.

- UI: You can now disable inserters. - Performance: Improved performance on maps with many enemies.

- Fixed: Error loading save games using the earn money objective.

- Fixed: Roads are no longer covered by the oasis.

- Fixed: Playing on a map without objectives no longer opens a victory screen.

- Fixed: Colonists with only "Construction" assigned will now pick up hammers.

02/04/2020 EA 2.4.2020


- Gameplay: Replaced the combat system.- Colonists can no longer fight. Instead you can now build combat robots which can get destroyed (model & animation will be replaced in the future). More robot types and tiers will be added in the future.

- You can select multiple combat robots by drag-selecting them. Then, you can send them somewhere close to your territory by right-clicking. If you enter an enemy area, your robots will fight the enemies.

- You can now build combat robots in the robot workshop, which has been moved to tier 1.

- Health is no longer a need. Also, things no longer heal over time.

- Swords and training dummies are deprecated.

- Combat robots and enemies have little health bars on top of them.

- Updated the combat tutorial.

- Gameplay: When you link an output stockpile, it no longer sets it to accept products that are already accepted by existing stockpiles.

- Fixed: Transparent objects becoming opaque when animated.

29/03/2020 EA 29.3.2020


- Gameplay: The inventory targets are no longer the only objective. As such, they have been simplified. Modders: If you want to have your own products show up as targets, set an amount in ItemInfo→ProductionTargetAmount.- Gameplay: New objective: Clear all enemy camps.

- Gameplay: New objective: Earn money (via exporting).

- Gameplay: New objective: Claim land.

- Gameplay: In order to move on to the next tier on the world map it is now sufficient to visit half the islands of the previous tier.

- Gameplay: Carriages can now operate in automatic mode. It's active by default and eliminates the need to set a schedule for simple setups. (Note: Does not work with saves from older versions)

- UI: When making a logistics connection, hold ctrl, alt or shift to create a two-way-connection.

- Fixed: Objectives not saved/loaded correctly (e.g. when saving during a tutorial).

- Fixed: Colonists drinking/eating too much after being recruited.

- Fixed: Even-sized buildings like wells getting placed in a different spot than their blueprint indicates when rotated.

- Fixed: Ingredients brought to semi-automatic workshops should no longer get stolen.

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